Machine Vibration Analysis in Tennessee

Machine vibration analysis is defined as the movement of a body about its “at rest” position.  Everything around us vibrates to some extent whether it is rotating or stationary.  Vibration Analysis allows us to capture a representation of how much vibration and at what frequency the vibration exists.  Armed with known information such as rotational speed, bearing numbers, gear information, belt frequencies and process variables, very distinct defects can be precisely diagnosed-even years before they become a serious problem!

Some of the most common defects found with Vibration Analysis are Unbalance, Misalignment, Resonance, Bearing and Gear Defects and Belt Defects, although many other defects exist and are diagnosed daily.  Many processes are changed that cause a change in vibration due to either operating a machine in a manner for which the machine was not designed or a problem with the original design is established.  At this time, solutions can be discussed without disrupting production.  Reports are generated that detail what equipment was monitored and if any problems exist.  

Technical discussions are part of the report detailing what we know about the problem and our recommendation to solve the problem.  Predictive monitoring is generally performed periodically using data obtained from a portable instrument or permanently installed transducers. We use A and W Dynamometer for fast, safe and accurate results in motor load testing. Give us a call and we’ll dispatch a technician to your site today!

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