Precision alignment is vital in ensuring proper life of industrial components.  For years, alignments were carried out with dial indicators and even straight-edges.  Today’s technologies allow the usage of lasers to eliminate sag of the mounting brackets for dial indicators and the human eye factor.  Communication with a computerized unit  also allow us to graphically display the exact alignment at all times, which gives us a live display allowing indications of how much a machine needs to be moved, which direction and when a precision alignment has been reached.  Another facet of a precision alignment consists of the removal of soft feet.  Our systems include firmware that allows a precise measure of frame distortion and a live display to assist with reaching proper soft feet removal.

Many mechanical systems have multiple shafts that make up the machine.  We have provisions for entering multiple shafts that will be performed as one alignment job.  Reports can be generated detailing all alignment information.

HMI Electric offers laser alignments as a “stand-alone” service whenever a new or spare is installed or is out of alignment specification utilizing Ludeca Optilign laser alignment equipment.

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