Demands in today’s industry require motors to run as often as possible. Most proactive companies want to employ predictive maintenance practices on their motors. However, this valuable act can be a double-edged sword-important to do, but often requiring the motor to be shut down for access. Finally, there is monitoring equipment available that gives you the best of both worlds. EMAX, from PdMA Corporation, is a portable dynamic tester that evaluates electrical motor condition without shutting down your process.

The power analysis portion of the equipment provides valuable insight into incoming power quality, power circuit condition, stator health and motor efficiency. The current and voltage signal can be captured in less than a minute and stored for diagnostics and trending. Utilizing a combination of unbalance parameters and harmonic analysis, EMAX examines the power signal for indications of defects within the different fault zones. Trending data is a critical element in any condition monitoring process. But, spotting motor trends is most effective if the data collected can be organized and viewed as quickly and efficiently as it’s captured. EMAX generates valuable reports immediately after testing, enabling you to assess the condition of your motors in the field or trend the data for later use. EMAX reports include a series of graphs, screen plots and historical comparisons.

These reporting capabilities clearly illustrate the status of rotors, stators, power quality and other fault zones, allowing you to discover and evaluate possible problems before they result in lost productivity from forced downtime.

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