With electrical faults responsible for many motor failures, taking a proactive approach to these problems becomes a necessity. Motor Circuit Evaluation is a predictive maintenance technology which provides comprehensive, portable motor testing. MCE allows you to test deenergized electric motors, large or small, AC or DC, and determine the condition of the motor and its associated power circuit in a short period of time. The data is immediately stored for trending, comparison and report generating. The MCE tester allows us to perform condition-based maintenance rather than time-based maintenance. This prevents costly motor failures and unnecessary maintenance. Often times it is not possible to shut down a motor to perform MCE testing.

The MCE is a lightweight tester that provides a detailed analysis of motor and circuit condition. This portable unit features diagnostic results that evaluate all five of the motor’s fault zones including the power circuit, insulation, stator, rotor and air gap. Tests are completely nondestructive and can be conducted in as little as three minutes. The data is readily accessible and may be quickly recalled in the field to review motor history, generate statistical graphs or produce detailed reports.

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