Infrared Thermography

Infrared Thermography in Memphis, Tennessee

All objects emit energy (heat) in the form of electromagnetic radiation. Infrared thermography is a technique used to detect & measure this radiation to determine the temperature of objects.

During an Infrared Scanning Survey, an infrared thermography scanner is used to detect areas of abnormal temperature. Detection of these anomalies is used to diagnose problem areas and their severity in electrical equipment, mechanical equipment, roof and building structures.

As a part of a preventative/predictive maintenance program using infrared thermography, the Infrared Scanning makes it possible to find problems before costly failures occur. In addition, when performed on operating equipment, Infrared Scanning does not interrupt normal operation, is performed without making contact with objects being scanned, can be made while operating at full load and can be made from a safe distance away from high voltage equipment, equipment at high temperatures & equipment in a corrosive environment.

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