History Of HMI Electric in Memphis, Tennessee For Predictive Maintenance Service

In 1980, to further advance the concept of quality products and service, Heavy Machines, Inc. established the HMI Electric division (formerly Renewed Power Division), built on the recognition that exchange/rebuilt parts and machine alternatives are essential in lowering equipment operating cost.

Centrally located in Memphis near the corporate headquarters, HMI Electric’s 28,000 sq. ft. facility is a quality rebuilder of AC motors and DC motors as well as gearboxes and pumps. The rebuild center is made of a veteran staff of employees that average approx. 20 years of tenure.

To maintain the quality of the complete repair, we rarely outsource any operation. We have a complete machine shop, testing and instrumentation capabilities as well as the capability of manufacturing most coils in house.

Everything that is done throughout the repair process is documented and these reports, such as core loss testing, vibration analysis and load testing of the motor become part of the comprehensive report that is returned to our valued customers.

Quality and Safety go hand in hand at HMI Electric. We maintain a safety program that we feel is so aggressive that we have been able to limit the number of accidents that occur in our rebuild center. Our goal is always Zero accidents and we take serious measures to try and reach this goal. Quality starts the minute your motors or other apparatus is on our truck, we utilize the best methods possible to assure equipment being hauled on our trucks is first safely secured and also the shaft is blocked or locked. When we must use a 3rd party shipping company, we specify carriers that have a proven track record not only with our company but also industry-wide.

HMI Electric has achieved one of the highest honors in our industry. SKF Bearings, Inc. has named HMIE an Authorized SKF Service Center Rebuilder. There was a great deal of effort to achieve this distinguished certification. Our technicians had to go through an intensive training program and pass tests administered by SKF Personnel.

To enhance our quality program, HMI Electric is now going through a process administered by Advanced Energy in Raleigh, NC. Advanced is an independent company that specializes in maintaining the efficiency level of motors throughout the life of the motor. This is accomplished through proper burnout of the motors (utilizing as little heat as necessary to strip the windings). In order to accomplish this part of the Advanced Energy qualification, HMI Electric purchased and installed a state of the art Ace burn-off oven. Equipment calibration is a very integral part of the certification process – we must maintain a logbook of all shop equipment along with the latest calibration documentation. Hopefully, you understand we take Quality control seriously.

HMI Electric serves many industries including food processing, steel production, water treatment, paper, chemical, recycling, and mass transit. We look forward to the opportunity to serve your organization.

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