DC Motor & Machine Repair Services In Memphis

  • DC Motors and Generators
  • Armature Rewinding
  • Commutator Profiling, Repairs and Testing
  • Armature Form Coils and Equalizers
  • Dynamometer Load Testing
  • Shunt, Series and Compound Wound Machines
  • Shunt Field Testing and Rewinding
  • Interpole Coil Testing and Rewinding
  • Compensating Winding Testing and Repairs
  • Armature Core Testing and Repairs
  • Armature Equalizer Coils
  • In-Field Diagnosis and Repair of DC Motor and Generators
  • PdMA MCE Testing of DC Motors and Generators
  • Armature Groundwall Insulation Testing
  • Polarization Index Testing of DC Machines
  • DC Motor and Generator Preventive Maintenance / Reconditioning
  • DC Motor Off-Site Storage and Maintenance
  • Commutator Bar-to-Bar Testing
  • AEGIS Bearing Protection
DC Machines

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